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Product Disclaimers
Leather is a natural product. The natural surface of leather consists of a landscape of varying textures. Variation across a hide, density of grain, creases and folds are distinctive characteristics of each leather product, similar to the grain of a fine piece of wood. Leather is not like a bolt of cloth. Even the best leather has these natural markings, which are analogous to fingerprints. These qualities distinguish leather from man-made material. The presence of these features on the product indicates top-quality genuine leather. Furthermore, they will not have any effect on the durability of the product.
All photos are taken by professional photographer to present you the most realisticimages of the product.
There might be slight color descrepancy between the pictures and the products dueto different lighting, camera setting and color sensitiveness.
lt is natural that there might be some smell on the product due to manufacturingprocesses, it should go away shorty after a few days of ventilating.
There might be 1-3 cm discrepancy in size due to different measuring methodand human error.