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What's the Cowhide Leather?
Cowhide Leather is not the real animal fur. It's only a method of the leather production.Cowhide Leather is made of the fur embryos of cattle. And need a series of complexLeather manufacturing processes to complete. It's High Quality Leather and very populaall over the world.
The characteristic of the Cowhide Leather and notice.
There are many attractive characteristics of Cowhide Leather. Please read the contentsbelow to know them. They are not the problems of the quality.
How to protect the Cowhide Leather Products?
Better kept in Ventilated place.
Better dry it up with dry cloth, leaving it naturally dried once it is wet.
Better clean it with Leather Detergent at regular intervals.
Better kept with anti-blushing agent when it is long-term put away.
Better not kept under sun , besides air conditioner or dry it with hair dryer.
It is eazy to appear the nick on the CowhideLeather, but it will disappear itself. If youwant the nick to disappear fast, you can wipeitout or burn it out by the lighter.
Cowhide Leather will be put into the oilwhen they are in production, so there willbe some oil on them in the first month.
After a Period of time, the color of Cowhide Leather will be more pretty and stylish.
New Bag
After One Year
Cowhide Leather maximize retains the characteristics of Cowhide.The
pictures below are normal for the Cowhide Leather.


Daily Cleaning

leather might requre frequent clein and careo to maiatain its best shapo.wipe itgently with wet towcl.apply leather oil after dried.this can prevent the bags frown-cracking and scuffing.cxtend its life.

Cleaning Of Hard Stains

wipe gently with wet towclapply leather cleaning/stain remover to get rid oftough stains.

Storage Tips

Fill the bag with dray papers to keep it in shape when not used in a long term.donot place heavy objects on the bag to avoid deformation

Utility Tips

Avoid high exposure to sunlight ,avoid color-fade products,do not wash with water

Keep Ventilating
Avoid Fire
Avoid Sharp Objects
Avoid Wetnrss
Avoid High Exporsure
Avoid Oil Drops
Q:How to avoid mold/fungus on cowhid leather?
Leather is a natural material and can be fragile to wetness and mold. Generally, avoiding water and wet environment will keep the bagfree from mold. Follow these tips when exposed to water:
1.Clean with dry towel;
2.Do not use hair dryer, place at a shady loacation to dry naturally;
3.When not used for a long time ill with dry papers to keep the bag in shape, place in storage bags to avoid wetness.
Q: what do l do when mold appear?
Wipe it with dry towel or toothbrush, and clean with alchohol.
Q: What do l do with the tough stains?
Alchohol can be used to clean most stains, use a eraser immediately if wrote on by ballpoint pen.