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We stand behind Thehi Brand Products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty* against defects in materials and workmanship. In the event that the original owner of Thehi Brand Products experiences a problem, we’re here to help! Please visit our CONTACT US page and one of our team members will reach out!

The Fine Print:

While we stand behind our Thehi branded products, there are some reasonable limitations on the Thehi Limited Lifetime Warranty. We’ve provided some more detail below on how these exclusions are defined which may help you out before submitting a claim.

·        Reasonable Level of Cosmetic Damage
This is defined as the expected and inevitable damage that occurs as a result of normal use and/or aging of a product. Damage from normal everyday use should not render your product unusable during a reasonable life cycle, but it should be noted that textile-based products should not be expected to perform indefinitely at the same level as when they were originally purchased.

·        Excessive Wear & Tear
Both consumer and commercial use (e.g., Airline Flight Crew), excessive wear & tear is not covered. This determination is at the discretion of our Thehi Brand Warranty Team.

In order to help us remedy any product issues, we may ask for supporting documentation of the product failure in the form of a photo[s] and/or a written description. In certain instances, we may also ask that you return the bags/wallets to us to better assess the Warranty claim.

Depending upon the nature of your claim, we may choose to repair your item, replace it, or offer another form of compensation.

Like we said, we are here to help, so damage that is not covered under warranty may be repaired for a reasonable rate and a fee. Please note, shipping charges are not covered.

When completing the CONTACT US form for warranty service, please include the below details to allow us to help you as efficiently as possible:

·        Original Order Number (if known)

·        Thehi’ PO Number (located on a white tag in the main compartment of your bag)

·        Estimated Year of the Purchase (if Order Number is not known)

·        Product Color (if known)

·        A description of the product issue, with as much detail as possible